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Certified Women's Business Enterprise

Mission Statement

To be an example of the right idea of business that operates and prospers from a principled base and tends towards uplifting, enlightening and enriching the lives of those it serves - "that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly."

Purpose and Ethical Position

The purpose of Principle Business Enterprises, is clearly stated in its Articles of Incorporation which sets the ethical and directional foundation for the affairs of the business.

As stated, PBE's purpose is... "To operate its business affairs in such a manner as will accord with that fixed principle which will destine it to do nothing but that which is honorable and will promote a high standard of business ethics in its own affairs and may tend to raise and leaven the standard of business ethics of the community."

Company Overview

  • Family owned and operated for over 47 years
  • Headquarters: Dunbridge, Ohio (Greater Toledo Area)
  • 240 Associates
  • Over 160,000 sq. ft. facility for offices, manufacturing and warehousing
  • International Affiliate: Principle Business International NV, Tongeren, Belgium
  • Key supplier to consumers, caregivers, medical professionals, home health and health care institutions through distributors, dealers and retail outlets.

Product Lines

  • Incontinence Products marketed under the brand names of Tranquility and Select
  • Footwear Products marketed under the brand name of Pillow Paws
  • Advanced Absorbent Materials - Sold to manufacturers and developers of health care, industrial, environmental and packaging products.

Tranquility Adult Diaper Logos

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