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Tranquility incontinence products contain superabsorbent polymers which quickly “wick” fluids away from the skin surface, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. This is especially important in maintaining the skin integrity of compromised or aging skin.

Eliminating shear, friction, moisture, and heat can provide an ideal, healthy environment for skin.  The soft, highly absorbent Tranquility peach core provides exactly that environment: it quickly absorbs fluids (urine and moisture) and wicks it away from the skin – locking it into the core.  The surface feels dry and comfortable (not damp and cold).  Skin pH is critical and Tranquility products rapidly neutralize urine pH to provide the best environment to preserve skin integrity.  Additionally, by capturing and containing fluids, bacteria and skin pH are kept under control and compromised skin will have a chance to heal.

The superabsorbent polymers neutralize the pH of ammonia in urine thereby neutralizing urine odor. This improves the living environment and personal dignity. 

The frequency of changing incontinence products depends on many factors including intake, diuretics and medical conditions. With typical incontinence products, changes may be as frequent as every 2 hours or with every check. Tranquility is a longer wear product because of the special superabsorbent polymers which wick fluids away from the skin. Because of this patented technology, the product may be worn for longer periods of time allowing residents to participate in activities and sleep longer with fewer interruptions. 

The frequency of changing depends on many factors including intake, diuretics and medical conditions. Tranquility briefs have a wetness indicator on the outside of the brief. It is important to assess the wetness indicator with each check. There are specific guidelines that describe how to asses if a change is necessary. The products must be changed whenever there is a bowel movement or when the product has reached capacity.

It involves a change in mind set. Think in terms of allowing residents uninterrupted time to participate in activities and perhaps more important, longer periods of uninterrupted sleep. An important point to keep in mind is even though the wetness indicator indicates that they have voided, their skin is dry and they cannot feel the wetness because the special polymers have locked in the urine. They will not feel wet or cold. One of the most significant benefits of a longer wearing product is promoting uninterrupted sleep or “restorative sleep”. See next question for more information regarding the importance of uninterrupted sleep in long term care centers.

Improving sleeping patterns in long term care has been the buzz lately. If you stop and think about the typical nighttime routine of any incontinent resident in long term care, they are consistently checked and changed at frequent intervals throughout the night. Because of this practice/need, residents have fragmented patterns of sleep, with most rarely having an opportunity for advancing into a “deep sleep”.  Restorative sleep is important for both physical and mental well-being. Think of the potential positive outcomes that may be observed with improved sleeping patterns i.e. improved daytime behavior, more engaged in activities, improved quality of life, less napping during the day, improvement in overall health, etc.

 Tranquility Incontinence Products are tools that assist with the promotion of restorative sleep patterns. They are manufactured for longer wear due to the unique design and superabsorbent polymers. These polymers quickly “wick” fluids away from the skin surface, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. The product is changed during the night only when there is a bowel movement noted or the product has reached capacity. Staff will continue to perform their routine checks per protocol but may not need to change with every check, thus allowing the resident to continue sleeping.