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Added Protection for Extended Wear and Leakage Control


TopLiner Booster Pads or Contours are made of absorbent material without a moisture-proof outer-layer.  These flow-through products “add” absorbency and improve comfort by ending leakage, rash and nighttime changes.  TopLiner Pads or Contours are placed on top of another primary absorbent host garment. They are designed to fill to capacity and then allow additional fluid to pass into the primary garment, economically extending the use of the primary garment.

TopLiner Pads can be nestled in-between the kufguards (inner leg cuffs).


Reasons for using TopLiner Booster Pads/Contours:

  • For active individuals out and about not wanting the inconvenience of removing their clothes for a total change for a new product, one can easily change out and replace the TopLiner pad, keeping the primary garment in place. (discreetly disposing of the used product)
  • For individuals needing extended wear time with no embarrassing accidents. (doctors’ appointments, movie and dinner, travel on planes, weddings, etc.)
  • For immobile individuals with multiple voids and needing to remain on one side for sleep, TopLiner pads can be positioned in special targeted areas for extra absorption. (pads can be placed over the hips)
  • For bowel incontinence use the TopLiner Contour with the wider hourglass shape, the soft surface makes cleanup easier.
  • For exceptional circumstances and unique body shapes the pads conform to the body shape and keep the skin dry.


Products designed to hold additional 2-3 1/2 cups    = 14-27 extra fluid oz. under pressure


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The flow-through sheets contain an ultra-thin, highly absorbent core.  Soft, supple sheets are 100% breathable.  High absorbent capacity.  Provides rapid moisture absorption. Reduces odor.  Promotes dry skin.  Ideal for care of skin folds and other sensitive skin areas.   ... Read More